2 blade racing shaft

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2-blade Gori Racing Propeller

A propeller design built for speed with a track record to prove it With Gori Racing Propeller, everything is geared towards speed. From the intricately designed aquadynamic shape and the ingenious folding mechanism to the precision engineering. This reduces drag to an absolute minimum when folded while maintaining maximum effect under engine power and is the main reason that the Gori Racing Propeller is the choice for the majority of One Design racing yachts.

Built for greatness

The 2 Blade Gori Racing Propeller was developed specifically for the Whitbread Round The World races in the mid 90s, and today is the propeller brand of choice for more or less all the newer One Designs, including the Volvo Ocean Racers VOR 65, used for the 2014/15 race and 2017/18 race, the majority of the IMOCA 60s, and Class 40s for the Vende de Globe races, Route de Rhum, Barcelona World Race and many others.

A record breaking propeller

2 Blade Gori Racing Propeller is fitted on all the famous round the world record breakers and multi hulls, such as Macif, Banque Populaire, Gitana 17, Sodebo, IDEC, Groupama III, Spindrift 2 etc. all have Gori racing propellers, so does the One Designs, Soto 40, Mills 37, HH 42, KER 33, 46, MOD 70, NYYC IC37, Botin 40, McConaghy 38, C&C 30, Farr 280, 400 etc.

Ready for anything

The racing series of folding propellers is offered to racing yachtsmen all-over the world in 7 sizes ranging from 30 footers to Maxi Raters, and for shaft installation as well as for Sail-drive and Hydrodrive. Model Diameter Typical Boat Size
Model Diameter Typical Boat Size
375 Racing 375 mm 30’
380 Racing 380 mm 35’
425 Racing 425 mm 40’
450 Racing 450 mm 45’
475 Racing 475 mm 50’
530 Racing 530 mm VOR 64
Actual propeller size depends on boat and engine installation. Custom-made propellers available.