23 June 2023

Question: What do Koru, Black Pearl, EOS, Athena, Maltese Falcon Aquijo, Sea Eagle II, M5 and Badis all have in common?

Answer: They are all supplied with equipment from companies within the BSI Group; BSI, Hundested Propeller, Ocean Marine Systems (OMS) and OYS.

Like all superyachts, these ranging from 70m up to 127m, demand the very best. Captains and Owners put the yachts through their paces, the loads they experience are phenomenal and the equipment needs to be too. The OMS Thrusters need to be powerful yet light and compact. They are. The BSI and OYS Rigging and OMS Hydraulic Cylinders must be strong yet sleek and aesthetically pleasing. They are. It is essential the Hundested Propeller CPP, and hybrid propulsion equipment provides enough power on demand whilst operating as quietly as possible. They achieve that. It’s this intricate detail where the expertise spanning over 100 years from within the group comes into its own.

Within the BSI Group we look to manufacture the best-in-class products with the strength to handle anything a raging sea and the elements expose them to, without compromising control or speed. We have something for everyone, manufacturing rigging, propellers, hatches and portlights, thrusters and hydraulic cylinders for boats from 30ft up to the largest in the world.

The BSI Group consists of BSI, OYS, Jefa Steering, Hundested Propeller, GORI Propeller and Ocean Marine Systems (OMS), who manufacture rigging, hatches, portlights, blocks, steering systems, propulsions systems, controllable pitch propellers, folding propellers, thrusters, hydraulic cylinders and through-hull instrument deployment hoist.

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Trusting Mother Nature to carry you safely across the seven seas is a lot easier with top of the line components on board.

Specialist maritime equipment
We design, manufacture and market specialist equipment for cruising, racing, and super yachts. Our goal is, and has always been, best-in-class products with the strength to handle anything a raging sea can throw at them, without compromising control or speed.